Pasley,1sthome-712017 was a year full of big things. God showed up in some amazing ways. When we doubted and feared our circumstances, the Lord revealed that He was greater than anything we were facing. Here are just a few of the major changes that we experienced this year:


A huge leap of faith that we took this year, well that Landon took, was changing his major from theology to health sciences. I am the type of person that makes a plan and sticks to it no matter what, so when Landon came to me and told me that he felt that he wanted to change majors, my heart skipped a beat. I wasn’t worried because of what he wanted to do but because it scared me to change up our life plan. After changing his major God revealed even more of his passions to him. Sometimes a human plan is not how God works, actually never how He works. Lol.


Another major life change happend when I got offered a job to nanny for a different family. I know it sounds so dumb, but quitting for my previous family of three boys was one of the hardest thigs I have had to do. I absolutely hate letting people down and it was just so hard for me to tell the family that I was quitting. I was literally sick to my stomach for a few days. After starting for my new family of 4 boys(and another boy on the way!!), I have never been more happy and content with my job. I look forward to seeing those sweet boys everyday I work!


We moved!! We had been thiking and praying about making a move for about 6 months but we honestly just didn’t think it was possible… We had just signed another year lease with our apartment complex but had still been looking at condos and townhomes to buy and we came accross a few in the area in our price range. I’m trying to be as acurate as possible with this story but it was honestly a whirlwind of God moving in huge ways. We figured that if we found a place to buy we could get out of our lease and it would be worth it…(monthly payments on a home in our price range are cheaper than rent!) So we went for it. We tried to make an offer on two different places but they both sold in less than 24 hours. The Denver market is crayyy. Continuing to pray that if it was meant to be God would make it happen, we came across a condo online and I asked our realator to take me there (Landon was working ). I loved it and it was 3 minutes from Landons work and 5 minutes to CCU. Knowing how the market is, we placed an offer that day (Landon hadn’t even seen it) and two days later found out that we got it!! Next, the news came that in order to move out of our apartments, we were going to have to give up our deposit + another month’s rent since is was so short notice…this was alot of money and it made me sick to my stomach to think about loosing it all to an apartment complex so I started brainstorming. I learned that if we found someone to take over our lease in one week we could get out of the one month’s rent. I posted on craigslist(haha so sketchy) and the FIRST person to reply within five minutes ended up taking over our lease and voluntarily giving us half of our deposit. Kind people are out there ya’ll! God was working on our behalf in a huge way. We moved in the middle of our semester which was challenging but we were just so thankful that we were even able to.

2017 was a year that God showed up in big ways for us. I never would have believed you if you would have told me that these desires would come to fruition. I challenge you to believe for big things in 2018, even if you think they are not possible. You’ve heard it before but it’s so true and so relevant. God is bigger than human plans, agenda’s, and doubts. He can work in the most impossible situations. I hope you all have a wonderful year full of God’s blessings!


Abigayle Pasley

PS. Here are all of our first home photos!! These were taken in our little apartment by @abbeygphoto!

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