Simple + Elegant Christmas Wreath Tutorial


Anyone ever notice how expensive wreaths are?! This was what got my creative side thinking…. “I can MAKE wreath for less than $10 instead of spending $30+ on one that might be out of style next year”. So this one is for all my gals trying to decorate on a budget! I’m with ya girl! This wreath cost me less than $10! Of course I did already have the floral wire and ribbon but those are also very affordable. This wreath is also not very time-consuming which is super helpful. If it took me over an hour to make it, I might’ve just bought one! My creative idea for this wreath came from a photo on Pinterest (where all my creativity comes from). I didn’t see a tutorial so I just went with it! I used fresh floral from my favorite floral shop, Veldkamp’s Flowers near Denver. Everyday after 12:00 they have BOGO on fresh floral stems. If you don’t have a Veldkamp’s then you can probably find eucalyptus in your local grocery store or floral shop! You can also always use faux floral from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

Here are the materials you’ll need:IMG_1141

  1. Green Floral Wire
  2. Ribbon
  3. Scissors
  4. Fresh or faux Eucalyptus branches. (Seeded & regular)
  5. Faux Christmas greenery
  6. Embroidery hoop (1.99 @ Hobby Lobby)

Next, I have photos that will hopefully help you get a pretty good idea of how to make one for yourself.

First, lay out your Christmas greenery on each side of the hoop, shaping it to form around the hoop. You will then need to use the floral wire to attach the greenery together at the ends. Try to get equal amounts of greenery on each side. If, at the end it looks a little disproportional you can add or subtract some greenery. IMG_1151

Next, I added the regular eucalyptus to the Christmas greenery. I used a larger piece of wire to attach the greenery to the hoop. I twisted the wire at the back and cut off the excess.


Now, I wired two separate pieces of seeded eucalyptus at the ends. I added this to the hoop with a larger piece of wire like before. IMG_1157

Now, in order to get all of the floral to shape to the hoop I cut a long piece of floral wire and wrapped it loosly around each side of the hoop. I did this twice, the first time halfway up the side and the next time towards the top where the floral starts to end. If you look closely, you can see the green wire in the next picture.


To finish the wreath I pulled out some of the greenery from the wire in order to hide it. Pulling out some of the greenery also helps the wreath to look more natural. IMG_1171

Once you have the greenery done grab your ribbon and make a bow to hide your wire in the middle of the hoop and WALAAA! It’s really that simple.


If the wreath is made with fresh floral it will dry out and become a more fragile wreath so keep that in mind when taking it down at the end of the season. I really hope you can find this tutorial easy to follow and helpful to your holiday decorating budget. I wish you all a joyful decorating season and hope that this wreath can help bring some simplicity + elagance to your home this season!


Abigayle Pasley

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