The Perfect Summer Sundress 

Hey y’all! I hope this post finds you happy and well. Today I’m doing a feature on the perfect summer sundress. (Heart eyes, heart eyes) Finding a summer sundress is so important. My favorite thing to wear in the summertime is a casual dress because I don’t have to plan a whole outfit (so time consuming haha) & they keep me cool on a hot summer day. In this post I’ve included my oversized distressed jean jacket that is perfect for cool evenings to throw over your dress. I’ve had a lot of questions about it so I’m sharing the details here! I actually bought it in size XL because I love the oversized look. No size shaming here! It’s now my favorite piece I own & it was only $40 at Old Navy! Also my sandals were just purchased at Old Navy & now they are my go-to sandal. Old Navy for the win y’all! (Except they don’t have either on their site and I just purchased them. Ugh.) Along with the links to my outfit I will include some other links to sundresses that I’ve found & love! Happy Summer y’all! 

Abigayle Pasley 

Black Sandals (They don’t have the ones I’m wearing online) 
Denim Jacket (They don’t have mine on Old Navy site either…..but here’s one from F21)

Similar Sundress

•Sundresses I Love•

Sundress 1
Sundress 2
Sundress 3 (My Fav!)

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