Moab, UT Camping Trip 

IMG_1626Our trip to Moab was actually a very spontaneous one. We were planning on going to the mountains but switched up the plan just a few days before because of snowy weather conditions. Neither Landon nor I had heard of Moab before we moved to Colorado but it’s a popular place with CCU students so we decided to see what the rave was all about.

We pulled in Thursday afternoon to find that the campground in Arches National Park was actually closed for construction. Ha, if I had even done a little bit of planning for this trip I would’ve known that. So we started out to find a campsite either dispersed or in a small campground outside of Moab. The best site we found was in a not so pretty campground with a not so pretty view. By this time I was praying that our weekend would not be a flop. It was SO windy setting up our camp. Our view of a canyon & the crazy wind took me straight back to west Texas all over again. Even though I had my doubts about how this trip would end up, we had an amazing time. It’s a good thing I didn’t give up my optimism right away.On Friday we went into town to wash our breakfast dishes in a convenience store bathroom. (This is the not so “cool” part about camping) Then we headed to Arches National Park. Wow. What a beautiful place. Seeing the amazing rock formations & arches gave me a good reminder of just how good our God is. After seeing the Delicate Arch we had a picnic lunch in the park then went on to see the Skyline arch. This is where Landon enjoyed his rock climbing. When Landon starts adventuring he becomes kind of like my child that I have to watch over & remind him to not go too high or get too close to the ledge. Haha. I try not to be too overbearing. We ended our day doing a small but very scenic trail called Park Ave. This was my favorite part of the day.

Saturday we decided to do another spontaneous thing, mountain biking. Neither of us have ever done this before but we both had confidence in our athleticism that we would be pretty good. We even told the lady that was checking our bikes out for us that we were intermediate level. LOL. We had no idea what we got ourselves into. Let me tell you, I have so much more respect for mountain bikers now. We took on a 3.2 mile trail called Ramblin’ for our first time, and boy was it “ramblin”. Some of the points on the trail were so steep that I had to walk. That’s hard for my athletic ego to confess but it’s the truth. Though it was very hard, it was SO much fun. It always feels good to try something you’ve never done before…..until the soreness sets in.

This morning we packed up camp & started on our way home. I started thinking about how hard it is sometimes to tent camp. It seems like an endless amount of work with setting up camp, cooking all the meals, & doing all the camp dishes. But despite the hard work it is to go camping, it is so rewarding. Camping gets Landon & I away from the hustle & bustle of our busy work & school life. We are able to take a breather by experiencing God’s amazing creations together. It is such a peaceful getaway. Not to mention it’s a pretty affordable way to vacation. So I encourage you to find a way to get away from your life’s hustle & bustle to spend time with your friends, spouse, or family & to enjoy God’s beautiful world! Thanks for reading y’all!

Lots of love & blessings!!


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