Sunday Neutrals 

I’ve been contemplating doing a fashion post for awhile now. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do on my blog but just never really had the guts. Well I guess I woke up feeling super gutsy today! I’m super excited to share! I even got my hubby to play along with me. Sundays are our days that we devote to each other since we have very busy schedules during the week. We usually take a hike, have a coffee shop date, or stay home & watch movies. Whatever it is we always try to carve out time to spend together building our friendship in our marriage. Building upon the  friendship even after you’re married is so important. So we cherish our Sundays together.

We both enjoy style but of course, style on a budget. Now I’m going to be real honest today, most of my clothes in my closet are straight out of a thrift store or from a sale. In my opinion thrift stores & sales are literally the most fashionable way to shop because hey, you really can’t beat cute clothes for a cheap price. Clothing is even cuter when you know you got a good deal on it. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some certain pieces in my closet that I splurge on. Handbags & shoes are those pieces. They are my weaknesses. For Landon, shoes are his his soft spot. He LOVES shoes, especially white ones. Our poor closet is filled to the brim in shoes. My wedges in this post are my favorite that I own & they are from Forever 21. If I could I would wear them every single day, they match almost everything, are easy to walk in, and have the cutest lace up tassels. My light sweater is from a thrift store. Yep you guessed it. My white jeans are from Target and my handbag is a MK, it is by far the best fashion investment I’ve ever made. The nude color goes with every outfit, & when you wear thrift store clothes you need a stylish handbag. Haha! Anyways I hope this post can encourage you that fashion doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have the most expensive clothes on the block. Fashion is about expressing your own style & being comfortable with yourself in it! 

Lots of love to y’all! Oh & HAPPY SUNDAY!!


Here are links to pieces like the ones featured:

Nude Wedges:

MK Handbag (Nude):

White Jeans:


Landon’s Shoes:

Landon’s Jeans:

Can’t find a link to my thrift store sweater. LOL




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