Christmas Decorating 

Christmas season is in FULL swing y’all. If you’re like me, you don’t even need to be told that because you totally feel all the business that’s taking place in life. I have been crazy busy, so that’s why I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. I would really love for it to be more often but sometimes time just doesn’t allow for it. This has been the start of my first semester of college, new nanny job, and newly married life, so I’ve definitely been learning how to handle all of these. Plus the Christmas season has just added a whole-notha level of busy. But I finally got my Christmas decor fully finished & ready to post! I’m really excited to post these photos because they are taken with my new Christmas present! I just love how good they’ve turned out thanks to some photographer friends who helped me out with all the logistics. I’m going to be real honest. I have no clue where to start with camera settings or editing programs. I don’t even think I could understand the “Cameras For Dummies” book to be real honest. But thank the Lord for good friendships!! Okay so moving on to the decor….
Like my last post & probably all the posts to come for the next 3 years will be decor on a budget. I hope this can be helpful to all of y’all that are in the same budget boat as me! I have a love for decorating so I have found ways to save some cash doing what I love!


Wreaths: I actually already had these wreaths (purchased at target AND are on SALE right now) & I wanted to dress them up a bit. I bought some white ribbon & tied simple little bows on each of them. The wreaths just might be my favorite in our home right now. They are so simple & can be used throughout the seasons!

Wreath-small.  (ON SALE)

Centerpiece: I got the idea of a candle/greenery centerpiece on Pinterest wedding ideas but it looks so good as an elegant coffee table centerpiece. The greenery is so tasteful & so “in” right now. Also the little wood candle holders are the perfect touch to the greenery & spice up the centerpiece without having to buy pricey candle holders.

Wood discs-candle holders

Chalkboard: If you read my last post, you know my obsession. I change mine out for different occasions & it is so fun to redo every time! This time wanted simple so I also found this idea on Pinterest. Let’s be honest, my whole creative side started with Pinterest. The tree art was incredibly easy & forgiving with mess ups. I got to put aside my perfection & just draw some trees.

Also feel free to follow my Pinterest acct. for lots of creative/decorative pins & I’ll follow you!! My Pinterest

Thank y’all for taking your time to read my post & I hope it could be helpful to you!

Love & Blessings,


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