Fall & Thanksgiving Favorites


The leaves begin to change, the weather begins to get chilly (not so much this year it seems), pumpkin patches begin popping up, & coffee starts to taste a little better. Fall is in the Air my friends. With Fall comes one of my favorites, seasonal decorating. I don’t know what it is about decorating but I just LOVE it. But having a love for something like decorating is not too kind on a budget. In this blog I want to share some easy affordable Fall/Thanksgiving decorating tips that are kind on the wallet. I hope they are useful!
1. Versatile chalkboard- Oh boy this one by far is my fav. The chalkboard pictured is one that we purchased (shout out to momma & daddy) for the wedding. We used it for a bible verse for the wedding & now Landon & I have it in our home. We got it at Hobby Lobby for 50% off (because don’t by anything there unless it’s 50% off) & it has easily become one of the focal points of home decor in our home. With a chalkboard I’m able to be creative & change it according to seasons or occasions. I will also feature my Christmas chalkboard in the next Christmas decor post!

2. Burlap & Antlers- Because these two combined add the perfect combo to a table centerpiece &  also are inexpensive! My burlap roll was also purchased at Hobby Lobby(almost every decor I use is) for a few bucks. I had enough in 1 roll to do our coffee table & kitchen table. That’s super cheap decorating!!! My antlers were given to me by my grammy & papa so if your grammy & papa don’t have any to give then your outa luck! Just kidding, Target has a silver antler in stock online (12.00, a little pricy) or Etsy has a gold antler (8.00). The links are at the bottom.

3. Cotton Wreath- (heart eyes) A cotton wreath is a perfect add on to a coat rack or front door to prep the house for your Thanksgiving company. I wanted one so bad & then I saw the price of them & almost gave up! ALMOST! But I didn’t! Thanks to my handy dandy crafty mommy we decided to save $40 & spend about $15 making our own! The Hobby Lobby wreath was crazy expensive so we decided to go on a hunt around the store & find the materials to make one. We bought a stick wreath & 2 sticks of cotton. We used some wire we already had & twisted the cotton strands around the wreath…& guess what!!! It looks almost identical to my dream $40 wreath. Talk about a bargain. Save your money & make a wreath!

By the way all items that were bought at Hobby Lobby  were 50% off unlike site pricing. Hobby Lobby rotates 50% off sales between merchandise so it’s likely that if something isn’t on sale the current week, it will be the next! It’s really amazing! AND if you just have to have it and it’s not on sale, you can use a coupon that you can google on your phone at check out. That’s a life changer.

Chalkboard- (Not the same one pictured but has a gold trim.)







Cotton Wreath-


(Cotton strands could not be found on the Hobby Lobby website, but I’m sure they have them in store.)

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