Love Story

About 5 & a half years ago, my 6th grade year, I was a little girl in hopes of finding a love story. Let’s just say I wanted to live in a Taylor Swift song. Literally though T-Swifts “Love Story” was my jam. Never did I actually think that Love Story would seriously become my life.

I was supposed to be Mary in the Christmas play that year & some boy named Landon was going to be Joseph. My first thought was, “I hope this Landon is cute”. I was dying to know who exactly he was so I had one of my friends show me who this new boy was.  Yep. He was SO cute. Unfortunately, he did not end up being able to be Joseph in the play but that did not stop me from my crush. Soon he began showing up at Sunday school & I immediately began pursuing him. He did not shy away either. Soon he asked me to be his girlfriend but there was a problem. I could not date until I was 16. When he realized that, he was like, ” well let’s just be friends in case I want to date someone else.” & here I am thinking  that I CANNOT let this boy go. So I went home & begged to be able to date.  Mom said, “okay I’ll let you date this boy, but the rules are, only one boyfriend a year. So make sure this boy is worth it.” Let’s just say, Mom has never had to enforce that rule.

God has worked in so many ways in our lives. August 7th 2016 Landon proposed to me & I undoubtedly said YES.  I know that there are so many reasons that God showed me my husband so young. We both have a heart to serve the Lord & we both believe that our age does not hinder us from that plan. Landon is pursuing God’s plan for him in ministry & I am faithful to that plan as well. We know that just because we are getting married & going into ministry so young doesn’t mean it will be easy. But we have faith in God that it will be worth it. Starting our journey in marriage & ministry will be a battle but it will be a battle that MATTERS. God has given me my love story so young because he has a purpose with it. I’m so grateful to have a relationship with a greater purpose than to just love each other, but to also show others love through Christ.

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