Season of Change

The past couple of months have been a huge season of change for my life. When I realized that God was calling me into a new chapter of life, I was like any other human, I was skeptical in moving out of my everyday comfort zone. There was a lot that I was going to have to leave behind. Probably one of the hardest things for me to depart from was that label on my life. That label that was apart of who people knew me as. When you leave behind a season of life that has characterized who people know you as for years, there is a part of you that is scared that people won’t accept your new journey.  When I began thinking of the “what if’s”, God began to speak to me. Moving into my senior year, one of my biggest fears was that this change in my life would also cause a change in my friendships. But God revealed to me that if I follow the road that He’s calling me to in my life, His blessings are also apart of that.

Let me encourage you that when God calls you into a new season, Be quick to follow that calling. There are fears that will come when change comes, but remember this: If he’s calling you to it, He’s going to help you through it. By no means, will it be easy. God doesn’t promise that it will be easy, but He does promise that it will be worth it.

Psalm 37;5
Psalms 37//5

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