God Made

Each and every single person on this earth was created for a purpose. Purpose. Just let that sink in for a minute. YOU have purpose. God created man to glorify His name. He created YOU. He loves YOU. & he has a plan in store for your life. I wanted to start off by reminding you that you’re God made, and purpose filled so that you can live your life purpose driven. I included this verse from Esther because she found her purpose by being a strong, faithful servant to God. If you haven’t read the book of Esther, I strongly encourage you to! She is a prime example of a woman living her life to honor God’s kingdom. When the going got tough she did what needed to be done. She put her life at stake in order to do what she knew was right. In many ways I want to live my life like Esther. Me, just a small-town 17 yr. old girl, want to use my purpose to lead others to the same purpose that I’ve found. You are God made.

Esther 4//14
Esther 4//14

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